Oh, Blest the House

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Congratulations to mom and dad (Warren and Karen Clausing) who celebrate 41 years of marriage on August 3.  Their house has been a blessing to their children, their children’s children, and many others besides.

Here is a new recording made by some of their grandchildren in honor of their anniversary.  Thanks, mom and dad!

Oh, blest the house, whate’er befall,
Where Jesus Christ is all in all!
A home that is not wholly His–
How sad and poor and dark it is!

Oh, blest that house where faith is found
And all in hope and love abound;
They trust their God and serve Him still
And do in all His holy will!

Oh, blest the parents who give heed
Unto their children’s foremost need
And weary not of care or cost.
May none to them and heav’n be lost!

Oh, blest that house; it prospers well.
In peace and joy the parents dwell,
And in their children’s lives is shown
How richly God can bless His own.

Then here will I and mine today
A solemn promise make and say:
Though all the world forsake His Word,
I and my house will serve the Lord!

One thought on “Oh, Blest the House

  1. A BIG THANKS to all of you – what a beautiful way to wish us a blessed 41st anniversary!!


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