A Full Week

This past week has been a full one!  In addition to preaching and leading bible class at Our Savior in St. Charles, MO last weekend and at Holy Cross in O’Fallon, MO this weekend, my calendar was also filled with a number of new items.

Attendees of the Partners' Conference for the Lutheran Church in Uganda
Attendees of the Partners’ Conference for the Lutheran Church in Uganda
In the Conference Meeting Room
In the Conference Meeting Room

Tuesday and Wednesday were spent at Messiah Lutheran Church in Weldon Spring, MO at the first ever Partners’ Meeting of the Lutheran Church in Uganda.  Rev. Charles Bameka, president of the Lutheran Church in Uganda, and Fred Magezi, the Church’s general secretary, flew to the U.S. to meet with representatives of a number of Lutheran mission organizations so that together they could discuss how best to support the Church in Uganda.  In light of the work that I’ve been called to do, one thing that especially stood out is that Rev. Bameka makes a high priority of solid confessional Lutheran theological education for the Ugandan Church’s pastors and teachers.  I was also moved by a short personal story on Wednesday from conference attendee Pastor Gui Kasongo Kabeo, originally from the Congo, whose life was transformed when he first understood the truth of the grace of God given in Jesus Christ when he read Martin Luther’s Small Catechism.  It is a joy to know that I am called to continue bringing this good news to our brothers in east Africa.

Mr. Giordano's Theology Classroom at Metro East LHS
Mr. Giordano’s Theology Classroom at Metro East LHS

Thursday and Friday I found myself in old and familiar territory – preaching in chapel at Lutheran High School North and Metro East Lutheran High and talking about missions during one on Mr. Jon Giordano’s theology classes at Metro East.  (I’ll be returning to my own beloved LHS – St. Charles to speak later this fall!)

Title Page of the New LCMS Life Curriculum
Title Page of the New LCMS Life Curriculum

This week also saw the fruition of a project I began working on long before accepting the call to Africa: the LCMS Life Ministry’s Ultrasound Education project entitled “What Is This?  Looking at Life in the Womb”.  It’s a curriculum for middle and high school students that demonstrates very clearly the humanity of children in the womb.  I’ve included a short sample here, but the full curriculum can be ordered at https://www.lcms.org/life.

Finally, thanks to my wife and father-in-law, Glenn Shields, who labored tirelessly this week on kitchen renovation while I was out and about doing these other things.  Our house is looking more and more ready to sell every day!