A Trip Down Memory Lane


As I travel the midwest preaching and presenting I’ve had many opportunities to meet old friends and visit places where I haven’t been in years, but that was especially true this past weekend when my family and I visited Memorial Lutheran Church in Ames, Iowa, the congregation I attended during my four years at Iowa State University.

Pastor Mark Heilman, who took me under his wing and taught me a little biblical Greek even as an undergraduate agriculture student, still serves the congregation, though he is recovering from an illness and we sadly missed seeing him on Sunday.  It was also a pleasure to be able to chat with Dr. Don Beitz, one of my biochemistry professors who is also a member at Memorial.

My family and I stayed with my good friend Phil DeBoest, who was the best man at our wedding and still lives with his family in Ames.  His wife Jen treated us to several wonderful meals, and the Clausing and DeBoest kids, Zeke, Lucy, and Anna, had a great time playing together.

After church we all took a short walk on the Iowa State campus, visiting our old dormitory, the Memorial Union, and the central quad with its carillon tower.

I am grateful for the many good gifts God gives to us!

Hanging Out in the DeBoest's Front Yard
Hanging Out in the DeBoests’ Front Yard