Purchased: 11 One-Way Tickets to Africa

Malawi-Wells-BannerThis week we bought our airline tickets to Nairobi, and our official departure date is January 18, 2016.  Our wonderful travel agent, Rachel Arnold, created an itinerary for us that is just about as good as it can get for such a long journey.  We’ll travel to Nairobi via three flights, with approximately 2-hour layovers in between, and we’ll arrive in Nairobi in the late evening, just in time for the kids to go to bed and catch up on missed sleep.  Additionally, our friend Sarah Kanoy (to serve as a nurse in east Africa) will be traveling with us on the two longest flights.  Her company and assistance will be most welcome!  Please pray for safe travel for all of us.

This week I also received in the mail the latest issue of Lutherans Engage the World.  As always, all of it is good reading, and this month two articles have some connection to my work.  First, the article Clean Wells Provide Water for Life-Giving Baptisms describes a recent visit of our friend and co-worker Rev. Shauen Trump with members of the Confessional Lutheran Church–Malawi Synod.  Second, the article Ultrasound Curriculum’s Popularity Grows discusses the use of the pro-life curriculum Dr. Kathleen Kremer and I worked on through LCMS Life Ministry last year.