Our First Days in Kenya

To all who have been and continue to pray for us, thank you!  By God’s grace our travel to Kenya wet smoothly and without incident, and our first five days in Kenya, aside from getting over jet lag, have been wonderful.  There is much I could say, but I’ll mostly let the pictures do the talking…

2016-01-18 09.15.21
On the morning on our departure from the U.S. we picked up our luggage (50 pieces total) from Chapel of the Cross, where it had been stored. Thanks to Warren and Karen Clausing, Andrew Nelson, Brad and Barb Biggers, Devin Burmeister, and Pastor Mark Hoehner for helping us get to the airport!
2016-01-18 09.15.33
We ate our last quick McDonald’s breakfast that morning. There are no McDonalds in Kenya!
2016-01-18 13.22.38
Once through security, we waited for our flight in the St. Louis Airport.
2016-01-19 02.09.01
We met Sarah Kanoy, the Rabes, and the Stinnetts in Detroit; then we flew to Amsterdam. Here we are during our layover in Amsterdam.
2016-01-19 11.40.41
The most stressful part of our trip was getting our visas, retrieving our luggage, passing though customs, and getting out of the airport in Nairobi. It was crowded with people and very chaotic, and I was sure we would lose some of our luggage (and maybe some of our children), but we arrived at our house that night with every bit of luggage and all our family!
2016-01-19 14.40.22
The girls get ready to go to bed on our very first night in Africa.
2016-01-20 17.20.37
The next morning the kids found (and climbed) a big tree in our yard.
2016-01-20 17.20.53
There is also a little swing set in the yard.
2016-01-22 11.06.39 HDR
This is a street in downtown Nairobi near the immigration building. During the first days I went downtown to apply for a resident permit and order a van for my family at the Toyota dealership.
2016-01-23 15.12.15
Here is my new office. It even has my name on it already!
2016-01-24 08.46.26
This morning we worshipped at Uhuru Highway Lutheran Church.
2016-01-24 08.48.57
This plaque hangs near the church entrance.
2016-01-24 09.03.06
We arrived early when the sanctuary was still relatively empty.
2016-01-24 09.34.55
Service are in both Swahili and English. At the English service we actually used setting four of the divine service from LSB – the same one we most often used at Chapel of the Cross in Missouri. I was glad that my kids had something familiar that morning in addition to so much that is unfamiliar.
2016-01-24 09.54.45
Pastor Enos Omodhi preached a very good sermon on the text appointed for the third Sunday after the Epiphany – Jesus’ preaching in the synagogue in Nazareth and His consequent rejection. Our sinful hearts are often closed to the hearing of God’s Word and the recognition of His goodness; nevertheless, our Lord came to forgive sinners like us, freeing us by his death and resurrection. Jesus came with good news!

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