Back to School

2016-02-03 13.01.16 copy.jpg
Our tiny class has only two students, Sarah Kanoy and myself.  Our tutor, Emmanuel (pictured here writing on the board), is outstanding, and it is a joy to study under him.  His fellow teacher Juanita (standing next to him) also sat in with us for a few days because her pupil was absent.  My wife Anita and the kids study in a separate classrooms under different tutors.

We have safely arrived at our language school in Tanzania and are one week into our three-month program of study.  For the first time in 12 years, I am back to being a full-time student!  Anita and the older kids are also enrolled as half-time Kiswahili students, and during the remainder of their time they have resumed their regular routine of homeschool studies.

The internet here is slow and intermittent, so I’ll be uploading a minimum of pictures at present, and if you write me and I am slow to respond, please be patient.  Thanks!