Living at Camp

The camp staff, excited for the arrival of a servant event group, prepares to sing a welcome song.

In some ways our current living situation reminds me of my time working and living at Lutheran Valley Retreat in the mountains of Colorado many years ago.  We live in a cabin in a remote, rural area, and our meals are served in the dining hall every day, where we eat with the camp staff and anyone else who happens to be staying at the camp at the time.

This week is an especially busy week at camp because a servant event group of teens from an international school in England just arrived to help with some physical improvements in the local villages.  We have no connection with the servant event other than the fact that we’re staying at the same camp, but their presence creates a hustle and bustle about the camp that was absent during our first two weeks, and it reminds me of the summers when I coordinated teen servant events at camp in the USA.

Language study continues to go well.  Yesterday a local man took me on a short walk to see a scenic ravine, and I was pleased to be able to carry on a hesitating yet coherent conversation with him.  We certainly didn’t get close to discussing anything deep, but some of the basic patterns of conversation (“My name in Jonathan.  I am a pastor learning Kiswahili.  Do you live here?  What is the name of this place?”, etc.) are beginning to be a little less clunky.

As teacher Emmanuel says, “Polepole ndiyo mwendo!”

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  1. It is great to be able to see some of your minestry in a newsletter am praying for you, your family and open hearts for Christ message of love and forgiveness thank you!mashar


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