In Transition to Nairobi

2016-05-02 12.02.25.jpg
Rev. Ross Johnson, director of LCMS Disaster Response, explains to missionaries at the retreat how we can apply church funds to the actual needs on the ground in Africa.

Thank you to everyone for your prayers regarding our travels last week.  Although travel on roads in Africa is always tedious, we arrived safely at our retreat destination on the coast of Kenya after our three-day drive.  Thanks be to God!

After the rigors of three months of Swahili school, the LCMS all-Africa retreat feels a little like the holiday after the end of a semester of college.  It is encouraging to meet together with the forty-some LCMS missionaries who serve across Africa, and, as much as I love Swahili, it is a welcome change of pace to worship and study the bible with other adults in English again.  We are also blessed to be in a beautiful facility with an ocean view outside and air conditioning inside.

We are here at the retreat for four days total, and on Wednesday we begin the two-day drive back to Nairobi.  Once again, please ask God to send His angels to guard and protect us while on the road.

Once in Nairobi, our first task will be to find a house and buy the necessary items to set up a household.  After a year of always waiting to move on to the next place, it is very nice for our family to be on the verge of having a new place that will once again be a long-term home.