In the City Again

On Sunday, May 8, Ethan celebrated his 8th birthday (his golden birthday!).  After church we celebrated by eating pizza at the mall with our fellow missionaries.

It’s amazing how perceptions change over time.  When we first arrived in Nairobi in January, I remember how completely strange and foreign everything felt during those first weeks.  Now, however, after living in rural Tanzania for three months, we’ve returned to Nairobi, and I am surprised at how familiar things feel.  It’s nice once again to be surrounded by busy city streets, shopping malls, and tall buildings.

We’re currently living in a guest house, but this week’s major project is to secure a permanent home for the family near the church office.  God-willing, we’ll be moved in within a week.

Thank you to all who prayed for our safe travel.  God gave us a good journey, and I am very glad that the epic 5-day road trip has drawn to a close!

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