A Milestone

2016-07-19 12.37.00

Way back in September 2015 I made this post after receiving my first copy of the Swahili hymnal.  At the time I could barely make out a few words.  Fast-forwarding to today, I’m proud to say that I can now read and understand every word of the Sunday morning Ibada  Takatifu (Swahili for “Divine Service”), and this week my tutor is also helping me pick up the remaining new vocabulary in Luther’s Small Catechism.

Learning Swahili remains my biggest day-to-day task.  Even though language-learning is always slow and often frustrating, every once in a while I’m reminded by the realization of a milestone like this that, yes, I am making progress!  If I have made it this far, then I can make it the rest of the way to level-3 fluency.  On with the journey…