Room to Grow

This is the wide-open new office space as it looks before being divided into smaller offices.

As the number of LCMS missionaries in east Africa continues to grow, we have become challenged to fit into our existing office space.  As a result, the East Africa Field Office will have a new home next month.  The new office is only a few kilometers from the existing office, but the space inside is about double what we have now and will contain a commons area that can be used as a chapel.  Thanks to Rev. Trump and Hillary Omodhi for coordinating the move, and thanks to God and His Church for sending workers who will conduct their ministry out of this new space!

2 thoughts on “Room to Grow

  1. May God Bless this growing ministry and your move. I had to read that last sentence twice. Sounds like stateside individuals_Hillary and Trump. Viola Lampe Warsaw, Mo


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