Evangelism Trip in Northern Tanzania

We just returned from a very good nine-day evangelism trip into northern Tanzania.  I’ll write up a more complete account of it in my next newsletter, but for now I’ll just share a few pictures.  Praise God for this opportunity to make new friends and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with many people!

Jacob (left) and Godson (right) are two seminary students who also serve as deacons at the LCEA (Lutheran Church of East Africa) parish in the village of Kahe. They traveled with us from house to house on evangelism visits.
One day we walked 15 miles to meet with the men of a local Maasai village. The Maasai people, historically resistant to the Gospel message, have been entering the Lutheran church in large numbers in recent years.
Some children look on during the presentation of the Gospel at a home visit.
Heidi Koehler and Sarah Kanoy teach the song “Jesus Loves Me” to the children. The house behind them was our temporary home for the week.
This is the church building in Kahe.
An Interior View of the Church
On Sunday morning Archbishop Jesse Angowi (wearing the red hat) honored the congregation with a special visit.
Archbishop Angowi preached his sermon in both Swahili and English, alternating back and forth after every few sentences.
One evening we joined other members of the community at a local soccer game against the neighboring village. Mount Kilimanjaro provided stunning background scenery to the game.

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  1. Thank you for your updates…so inspirational! You and your family are so blessed to be able to be where you are. And after seeing where you are makes me know just how blessed we are back here to have a beautiful church in which to worship. God has also blessed us with a new pastor who will start in Bunker Hill probably mid-October. Take care!


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