A Different House

Eric, Ernie, and Eunice in front of our new house

We had an unexpectedly busy week last week moving suddenly from one house to another.  Although moving furniture is not the ideal way to spend a Christmas holiday and we had no desire to uproot again after a year of so much transition, a housing opportunity presented itself that was just too good to pass up.

Those who have been following this blog will remember that our family moved into our first house back in July.  At that time we knew that the LCMS office would be moving from its old location, but we didn’t know exactly where the new office would be.  When the LCMS staff finally settled into the new office in October, its location was a bit too far from our house for me to walk or bike to work.  This meant that on most days I needed the family van to get to the office, and Anita was stuck at home with the kids (or she would have to make two round-trips, taking me to the office in the morning and bringing me home in the evening).  Obviously, this was less than desirable.

Our new house came available for rent during the week before Christmas.  It is a delightful 10-minute walk from the LCMS office and has a considerably lower rent than our old house.  The week after Christmas may not have been the most desirable time to move, but the decision was an easy one to make.  We are very pleased with our new place.  I can walk to work, we are saving money, and Anita and the kids now have the family van available to them every day.

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  1. Wow! Looks great and sounds like a no brainer! Hope you are all settling in and continuing to do well! 🙂 Still keeping you in our prayers! 🙂


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