Rev. Dr. Abjar Bahkou Speaks on Islam


Last week the LCMS east African team met for three days to learn about and discuss the challenges Islam poses to Christian evangelism.  Our guest speaker was Father Abjar Bahkou, who grew up in Syria within the Syrian Orthodox church and who later joined the Lutheran church after moving to America and discovering the biblical teachings of grace and faith alone through the writings of Martin Luther.  Father Abjar currently teaches at Baylor University in Texas and conducts a ministry of outreach with the Gospel to immigrants from the middle east.  You can learn more about his work here.

As a native Syrian and speaker of Arabic who grew up in a Muslim-majority country, Father Abjar spoke with great insight and authority on his subject.  All of us missionaries benefited greatly from his presentation, which focused on the history and theology of Islam as well as practical ways of reaching out with the Gospel of Christ to Muslims in our communities.  We thank God for this opportunity to learn.