Back in the Classroom




Please ask God’s blessing upon my classes for the next two weeks in Himo, Tanzania, that my students would benefit and be encouraged for the sake of God’s people.  I met the students on Friday afternoon, worshipped with them this morning at the parish in Uchira, and will begin teaching classes on the epistle to the Romans and early church history tomorrow.  The classes will be a mixture of Swahili and English, and the students who speak both languages fluently will help me with translation.  No doubt we will proceed slowly, but by God’s grace these servants of God will be further equipped for their work.  They are certainly eager to learn!

P.S.  When I arrived here on Friday, the first news I heard was that one of the Muslim families we visited in the village of Kahe last September has since been baptized and joined the Lutheran parish there.  Praise God for this!