Miguu Mizuri Synod

It’s a fitting coincidence that our synod’s name, Missouri, sounds like the Swahili word for good/beautiful that is used in Isaiah 52:7: “How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news.”  Miguu mizuri means beautiful feet.

The students of St. Peter Seminary were certainly grateful for the good news sent by this “Synod with beautiful feet”, and at the end of our classes I gave them the opportunity to say a few words to all the folks back in the United States.  Here are their remarks compiled into one video, which opens with the class singing a hymn at the beginning of the day.

I apologize that some of the remarks are only in Swahili.  My original plan was to write Swahili subtitles for everything, but I quickly learned that translating and matching up subtitles to spoken speech is a fairly time-consuming process.  Rather than waiting until I have time to translate and edit everything, I figure it’s better just to get the video out for people to see.  The English comments appear first in the video, followed by the Swahili comments.

2 thoughts on “Miguu Mizuri Synod

  1. Their enthusiasm for Christ is obvious as is there hunger to learn! I think it would be hard enough for them to be learning English but also learning Greek words is amazing! We will be praying for them to finish their studies.


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