The Word of the Lord Endures Forever

2017-10-17 07.37.21 copy
Deaconess students at Neema Lutheran College made this reformation banner. It reads, “Grace, Scripture, Faith ALONE – 500 years.”

In my general epistles class we recently studied 1 Peter 1:25: “The Word of the Lord endures forever.” By His Word God declares sinners righteous for Jesus’ sake; by His Word the Holy Spirit creates faith; by His Word the Lord Jesus sustains His Church. That sentence from 1 Peter became a motto of the Reformation 500 years ago, and it’s a fitting theme for this month’s newsletter as well.

At the seminary, my students continue to study the Word in class; they hear it proclaimed in daily morning and evening worship; they sing it in the choir; they reflect on it during our weekly Wednesday theological “movie night”, and they discuss it with classmates in their free time. God’s Word shapes men and women to be pastors and deaconesses in the Church.

Back in Nairobi we also rejoice that God’s Word has brought new members into the church. For many months our friends Dorcas and Linda and their children have been worshipping with us and have been instructed in the basics of the Christian faith by Rev. Jeff Kuddes. After completion of lessons in the catechism, Linda and her son Raymond were baptized, and Dorcas and Linda were both confirmed as members of Uhuru Highway Lutheran Church.

Within the Clausing family, Ernie and Eunice also completed their instruction in the Word under Rev. Kuddes, and they were confirmed on behalf of our home congregation. On Reformation Sunday we had a big party at our house for Dorcas, Linda, Raymond, Ernie, and Eunice.

Finally, at our LCMS staff continuing education retreat, Dr. Will Schumacher of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis presented a seminar on “Confessing [the Word] in Context.” We benefitted much from his thoughtful treatment of how we communicate the same saving Word of God among different peoples.

The Word of the Lord endures forever; thank you for supporting its proclamation!

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On Reformation Sunday our friend Linda and her son Raymond were both baptized and received into membership at Uhuru Highway Lutheran Cathedral.
2017-10-22 09.52.26 copy
During the divine service at our staff continuing education retreat, our son Ernie and daughter Eunice were examined and confirmed by Rev. Dr. Tom Aadland on behalf of our home congregation, Chapel of the Cross Lutheran in St. Peters, MO.
2017-10-17 08.16.36 copy
I had the opportunity to preach at the opening service of the ELCK national pastors’ conference. This photo is from the second day of the conference, which focused on the biblical theology of the reformation.

Prayer Requests, Praises, and Thanks

Praise God for the new Christians being baptized into His church in Kenya, and for the pastors and deaconesses being trained to serve them.

Pray for steadfastness of faith for our friends Dorcas and Linda, and for our children Ernie and Eunice, who were all confirmed this past month.

Pray for Linda’s son Raymond, who was baptized along with his mom.

Pray that God would bless the labor of students and faculty at Neema Lutheran College.

Pray for peace and good government in Kenya following the second national election this year.