Home Service 2018

Our youngest son Emmanuel loves to help in the kitchen and was delighted to get a real chef’s apron for Christmas.
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This Google map marks each congregation that has helped send us to Africa. We’ll be busy traveling the mid-west next summer visiting as many as possible!
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How beautiful are the wheels of those who preach the good news! These are some of the 120 brand-new bicycles delivered to various locations around Kenya to assist evangelists as they travel from village to village with the Word of God. Thanks to a gift from St. Andrew Lutheran Church in Missouri, the last of the bikes was delivered in time for Christmas.

Dear Friends in Christ,

A blessed new year to you! This month’s newsletter comes pretty close on the heels of last month’s, which was a bit late. In the past two weeks our family has had a joyful celebration of our Savior’s birth, worshipping at Uhuru Highway Lutheran Church in Nairobi on Christmas and New Year’s days, celebrating with friends, and doing some hiking at Mt. Kenya National Park.

Classes at Matongo don’t resume until January 22, so between now and then I’ll be working on two big tasks: 1) preparing my classes for the spring term and 2) organizing my schedule for our first home service tour in the summer of 2018.

Needless to say, we’re pretty excited to have purchased plane tickets to the U.S. for the first time in two and a half years! We’ll be in the U.S. from May 20 until August 19. Some of that time will be vacation, but most of it will be spent visiting as many of our supporters as possible.

Here’s where you can help us. I’ve already begun scheduling visits to churches, but I would welcome invitations to more. I’d love to hear from you! If you’d like us to visit your congregation, just put me in touch with your pastor, and we’ll do everything we can to arrange a visit. (My email: jonathan.clausing@lcmsintl.org) There are only a limited number of Sundays, but we hope also to make lots of mid-week visits.

We have some bittersweet news regarding the oldest and the youngest of the Clausing kids. Emil, our oldest, has been accepted into a number of American universities, and we’ll announce his decision as soon as it’s final. We’re very proud of his hard work, but sad that he only has a one-way ticket back to the states. He’ll be beginning his studies about the time the rest of us return to Africa.

Our other bittersweet news is that our youngest son, Emmanuel, has just been potty-trained. This landmark event marks the end of 18 consecutive years and 2 months of dirty diapers in the Clausing household. Perhaps it’s a little bitter to watch the babies grow up, but in this case the sweetness to our noses far outweighs the bitterness!

We wish you a joyful celebration of the last of these 12 days of Christmas, and we thank you for your ongoing support. Together we are members of the body of Christ, and God continues to encourage and uplift us through you. We look forward to seeing you, God-willing, next summer!

Yours in Christ,

Rev. & Mrs. Clausing

Emil     Ellie     Ernie   Eunice  Ethan   Eric     Eileen   Elijah   Emmanuel


Prayer Requests, Praises, and Thanks

Ask God’s blessing upon our planning and traveling for home service next summer.

Praise God for our son Emil’s hard academic work, and ask His blessing upon his college studies this coming fall.

Thank God for the gift of bicycles recently delivered to Kenyan evangelists, and pray that they will be well-used in service of the Gospel.

Pray for God’s blessing upon students and faculty as we prepare for another semester at Matongo.

Ask for a swift recovery for our little friend Angus Wolf (son of fellow missionaries John and Jenn Wolf). He recently broke his leg and is in a cast.