The Riches of Scripture

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Left to Right: Benard Mwesigwa (Uganda), Wilson Ekwabi (Tanzania), and Ezra Ngirimo (South Sudan) mine the riches of Scripture as they study 1 John. They are all now only a few weeks away from graduation, after which they will go out to proclaim the Gospel and shepherd God’s flock in their home countries.

“I never realized 1 John was so rich,” observed Ezra Ngirimo, a fourth-year student at Matongo from South Sudan. Just a few days later, his classmate Benard Mwesigwa from Uganda echoed the sentiment: “I never knew 1 John was so rich.”

It’s little comments like these that make my day as a teacher. I love to hear God’s words as He speaks through the Holy Scriptures, and it brings me great joy when students are touched by these words as I have been, especially when I know that as pastors they will take these joy-filled words and share them enthusiastically in their churches and communities. This is the heart of mission work – sharing the Word of God with people, because it is through the saving news of Jesus Christ that God draws people to Himself.

We’ve recently been studying 1 John in my Catholic Epistles class, and rich is an apt descriptor for the letter. As when a miner first notices a few precious stones on the ground and then discovers a magnificent treasure upon digging deeper, 1 John offers up many memorable jewels in simple words even upon a first reading (“We love because he first loved us.” “If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves.” “Whoever has the Son has life.”). As we read the text more carefully and “dig deeper”, however, we discover a wealth of connections to the Gospel of John and the rest of Sacred Scripture, and at the center of it all is always the same thing: Jesus Christ crucified to save sinners.

I realize that it’s not particularly sensational for me to write a newsletter about Bible study, and my photo of a few guys in the midst of such study (see the following page) is probably not going to make the front page news. Nevertheless, God promises that through such lowly, daily activity His kingdom advances. Pastors are trained, they go out and proclaim the Gospel, and the angels rejoice and the devils tremble every time another soul hears and believes. It is a privilege for me to have a part to play in this work; and I am grateful that you have sent me here to do it.

Here is a list of all the speaking engagements we currently have planned for our home service tour this summer. If you are in the area of one of my speaking engagements, please come and visit us!

Clausing Home Service Tour

Summer 2018

St. John, Geneseo                               IL         May 22           1:30pm

Zion, Bunker Hill                                IL         May 23           evening

Trinity, Orchard Farm                      MO      May 24           6:30pm

Zion, Harvester                                  MO      May 26           5:00pm

Our Savior, St. Charles                      MO      May 27           8:15am

Breeze Park, St. Charles                    MO      May 29           10:00am

Immanuel, St. Charles                       MO      May 30           TBD

Mission Central, Mapleton               IA        June 2             1:00pm

Redeemer, Sioux City                        IA        June 3             8:15am

St. John, Lincolnville                          KS       June 10          9:45am

Our Redeemer, Herrington              KS       June 10          5:00pm

Zion, Stillwater                                   OK       June 12          6:00pm

Trinity, Cole Camp                            MO      June 14          evening

Trinity, Burlington                            KS       June 17          9:00am

St. John, Aliceville                              KS       June 17          6:00pm

Faith, Warsaw                                    MO      June 18          evening

First St. Paul’s, Chicago                     IL         June 20          12:00pm

Holy Cross, O’Fallon                          MO      June 23          5:00pm

Chapel of the Cross, St. Peters         MO      June 24          8:00am

Chapel of the Cross, St. Peters         MO      June 25          7:00pm

St. John’s, Peru                                  IN        June 27          TBD

Peace, Winghaven                             MO      June 28          7:00pm

Zion, Crosstown                                 MO      July 1              7:30am

Salem, Farrar                                     MO      July 1              9:00am

Resurrection, Louisville                    KY       July 3              TBD

Peace, Sussex                                     WI       July 5              9:00am

St. Paul, Hamel                                   IL         July 7              6:00pm

St. Paul, Hamel                                   IL         July 8              7:45am

Immanuel, Belvidere                        IL         July 14                        6:00pm

Immanuel, Belvidere                        IL         July 15                        8:00am

Memorial, Ames                                 IA        July 18                        6:00pm

Redeemer, Lincoln                            NE       July 21                        6:00pm

Redeemer, Lincoln                            NE       July 22                        8:30am

St. Johns, Ord                                     NE       July 23                        6:00pm

Zion, Kearney                                    NE       July 24                        TBD

Trinity, Blue Hill                                NE       July 25                        evening

Faith, Woodland Park                       CO       July 29                        9:00am

Our Savior, Pagosa Springs              CO       Aug 15                        evening

Cross, Yorkville                                  IL         Aug 18                        5:00pm

Cross, Yorkville                                  IL         Aug 19                        7:45am

TBD: exact time to be determined

Prayer Requests, Praises, and Thanks

Thank God that our oldest son Emil has been accepted and has officially decided to attend Concordia University, Chicago this fall, pursuing a major in animation.

Pray for Emil’s studies and his readjustment to American culture in his new home.

Ask God’s blessing upon all of our family as we travel in the U.S. during the coming months, and as we prepare for transition to a new place upon our return to Africa in August.

Pray for the faithful service of the pastors and deaconesses who are soon to graduate from Neema Lutheran College at Matongo.