Closing a Chapter

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During final exams week, pastoral and deaconess students at Matongo continue their practice of daily morning prayer in the chapel using the Swahili hymnal, Ibada Takatifu.

God-willing, we’ll see many of you face-to-face before our next newsletter, since we’re about to begin our first 3-month visit back to the United States!  Earlier this week I finished administering and grading my final exams at Matongo, and now I am back in Nairobi helping my family take inventory and pack up our belongings.  While we’re in the U.S., our things will wait for us in a storage container in Nairobi. Then, upon our return in August, we’ll be ready to move immediately to Tanzania if my work visa has been issued. Or, if the Tanzanian paperwork is still being processed, the whole family will move to Matongo in Kenya, where I’ll teach another semester while we wait.  Either way, we’re leaving Nairobi and I’ll be teaching this fall in the same location as my family lives.  I’ll be happy to bid farewell to my weekly long-distance commute!

We’re also bracing ourselves mentally for our first experience of reverse culture shock as we return to the states.  The past two-and-a-half years have certainly changed us, and no doubt many once-familiar things in America have also changed during that time.  My older kids are looking forward to eating at McDonald’s again, while the youngest two are wondering what it is. (Emmanuel recently identified the golden arches as swings!)

On the second page of this newsletter you’ll again find our summer travel schedule printed with some minor updates.  Please come and see us if we’re in your area!

A special thanks to all who are helping us in various ways this summer – to my parents for arranging vehicles for us, to the Burmeisters for letting us stay at their cabin, to Anita’s parents for the use of their RV, to the LWML of Faith, Warsaw for mailing my newsletters, and to all the congregations who are welcoming us into their midst this summer.  We are grateful to be partners with you in the Gospel!

Summer Schedule 2018

Prayer Requests, Praises, and Thanks

Praise God for the successful conclusion of another semester at Matongo.

Ask God’s blessing upon the students and faculty as they return home to their families for the summer months.

Pray especially for those students who have completed their studies and will now begin service in the church.

Pray for our son Emil as he prepares for his first semester at Concordia University, Chicago this fall.

Ask God’s blessing upon our whole family as we transition to life on the road this summer and then life in a new community this fall.