A Step Closer to Tanzania

IMG_0014 copyDear Friends in Christ,

If you’ve seen the RV pictured above in your church parking lot, then you’ve known that the Clausings have arrived!  Over the past two months our family has spent some nights in buildings attached to the ground, but most of the time we’ve traveled the mid-west visiting congregations with Anita’s parents, Glenn and Marcia Shields, in their RV. With 12 of us sleeping inside, space has been a little tight, but that slight inconvenience has been far outweighed by the benefit of having a single place to call home even as we travel. We’re grateful that Glenn and Marcia have opened their home on wheels to us.

We also have some encouraging news regarding our Tanzanian visa and permits. While we’ve been in the U.S. our faithful friend and co-worker Shara Osiro made a special trip on our behalf from Nairobi to Tanzania to help the local church in the complex task of completing their half of the application paperwork.  At this point, all our paperwork and the accompanying application fee have been submitted to our agent in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.  Although the government still hasn’t issued the visa and permits, we’re definitely a step closer to that goal.  We’ve heard that it can sometimes take only a few weeks for the paperwork to be processed, so we may still receive them before returning to Africa in mid-August.

Our son Emil has also taken a couple big steps toward college this fall. For most of the summer he’s been living and working on my brother Ben’s farm, saving up some money for college. Earlier this month Anita, he, and I also attended one of Concordia Chicago’s “jump start” days, where we all received a thorough orientation to campus life and academics.  We’re proud of Emil and excited for the new experiences and opportunities that await him.

Although these newsletters are usually about men training to be pastors in Africa, in this one I also want to mention my delight in reconnecting with four of my former Lutheran High students this summer who are now studying to be pastors in the U.S.  Both Devin Burmeister (just married this summer!) and Mason Vieth are studying at St. Louis, Zach Burgdorf is studying at Fort Wayne, and Trey Dille is pre-sem at Concordia, Chicago.  Since I use mostly digital books now in Africa, I was happy to distribute most of my old paper library to these young men, and I’m sure they’ll put them to good use in their ministries.

Finally, as we near the end of our summer furlough, we have only a few speaking engagements remaining.  If you are in the area of one of the following, we’d love to meet you!

7-24 Zion, Kearney, NE 6:00pm

7-25 Trinity, Blue Hill, NE 6:00pm

7-29 Faith, Woodland Park, CO 9:00am

8-15 Our Svr, Pagosa Springs CO 6:00pm

8-16 Risen Savior Broomfield CO 7:00pm

8-18 Cross, Yorkville, IL 5:00pm

8-19 Cross, Yorkville, IL 7:45am

As always, please know that we are very grateful for your support.  Thank you.

All the descendants of my grandparents Emil & Floretta Clausing gathered for this photo at the July 14 family reunion on the Clausing farm in Illinois.

Prayer Requests, Praises, and Thanks

Thank God for our opportunity to spend time with family and friends in the United States this summer.

For our son Emil as he gets ready to begin college this fall.

Pray for Anita’s good health, that under the care of her doctors she would resolve a couple of health issues that have troubled her this summer.

Pray that God would bring the work visa and residence permit process to a swift conclusion so that our family can once again settle into a more stable daily routine in a single home.

Pray that all the seminaries in east Africa would have sufficient instructors and funding for the fall semester.