Essential Reading: End of this Blog!

Thanks to everyone who has been praying for me over the past days.  As many of you have already heard through facebook or other media, I had an emergency appendectomy last week in Kisumu.  I’m happy to report that by God’s grace the surgery was successful, I am back at Matongo resting and recovering, and I hope to rejoin my family in Moshi, Tanzania this weekend.  I’ll provide more details in our next newsletter.

The main purpose of this blog post is something even more important, however.  Now that I am about to move permanently to Tanzania, I have decided to discontinue using this blog as a means of communication in conformity with Tanzania’s Electronic and Postal Communications (Online Content) Regulations 2018.  Although I could pay the $900 licensing fee to continue operating this blog in Tanzania, I do not think that the blog is so essential a means of communication as to justify my spending that much of your (my supporters’) money.  I’ll leave the website up as a record of the past three years, but I will post no further content after this post.

If your only means of receiving communication from our family has been this blog, don’t worry.  Just send me an email (, and I’ll add you to our monthly email list.  You’ll still get monthly news from us as before, just via email instead of via blog site.

It’s a bittersweet moment as I complete this post.  One era is ending and another is beginning.  Please pray for the spread of the Gospel in Tanzania as I begin my new work!